The archery is an activity which requires an accurate technique and good aiming kills.

Its origins go back to the use of hunting bow and combat. However, in nowadays it has become an Olympic well known sport. There are different types of archery depending the type of the bow is being used. We can offer recurved bow, compound bow and flat bows. These varieties of bows allow each group to use the best bow depending on their needs.

Through the game, the players will learn instinctually the archery.  

  • Minimum participants: 8 participants
  • Minimum age to participate activity: 8 years old
  • Duration of the activity: about 1hour and a half and two hours
  • Recommendations: Comfortable clothing.


PRICE: 15€ x person 


  • Archery + Paintball (300 balls): 40€ 
  • Archery + Orientation with challenges: 35€