It is a playful activity inspired in the table football in which the toys are substituted by people. Thereby, the players must move laterally along a bar as it is in traditional table football. The challenge is to coordinate the teammates so they can be in the same line in order to keep moving the bar, take the ball and score a goal. The game is based on the coordination and communication of the group members.

  • Minimum participant:The table football is a game in which 14 people can play. However, if there are more than 14 participants, players can switch positions so that everyone can play.
  • Minimum age:10 years old.
  • Duration: the timing is about 1 hour to 1h30.
  • Recommendation: Wear comfortable clothing and trainers. However, in the summer you can wear a swimming suit because there is a swimming pool nearby the football pitch for people to swim after the game if they feel like.


PRICE: 10€  x person