It is an INNOVATIVE and HILARIOUS activity. Inspired on the mythical TV program "takeshi’s castle”, it is a combination of activities and tests specifically designed to make people laugh as much as possible. This activity can be done in different occasions, bachelor party, birthday or any kind of celebration, etc.

  • Practical information: You don’t need to have previous experience to participate; however, you will be guided through the all process, explained how each activity works and all the equipment will be provided to you according to each activity.
  • Minimum participants: 6 participants is the minimum price pack, less than 6 participants you will still have to pay for 6 participants. Groups are not allowed to be joined.
  • Minimum age to participate: 14 years old
  • Duration: Between 2 and 3 hours
  • Recommendations: Wear Comfortable clothing and ready for the battle, the clothes might get dirty! And your trainers are probably going to get wet. There are showers and locker rooms.


PRICE: 25€ x person 


  • Takeshi's Castle + Big Ball: 35€ 
  • Takeshi's Castle + Paintball (200 balls)= 45€